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Last update: 9th January

I'm making some slow progress but there's still much to do. Thank you for your patience.

Most days I'm range banned, so if you want a reply contact me here: Click to reveal
(Of course I still read the threads)

Here are some unused OP pics.
Raw is now a thing if you just want a simple list without waifus and AIDS.
Tags are now a thing for the search but it's a work in progress, expect slow improvements over the next 5 years.
The site should now remember your theme preference and whether or not you want a waifu, tested on Firefox and Chromium.

Coming soon™: Better tags, Settings in an actual settings menu, fix bad css, more waifus, tags, a big re-sort of the links/categories.

Also, do we really need a constant thread? Give it day or two, people may return with renewed interest.
Current link count: 764